Friday, July 9, 2010

Three kinds of negative campaign to lose weight

In a variety of weight loss difficult to distinguish the authenticity of today, more and more people also believe that a balanced diet, coupled with appropriate exercise, is the science, a good way to lose weight effectively.

However, recently some experts have noted that not all of the weight loss exercise help, inappropriate movement may instead make you "weight." Experts have listed three kinds of movement is not conducive to weight loss:

Large amount of exercise movement

If the amount of exercise increased, the human body needs oxygen and nutrients and metabolic products also increase, which depends on cardiac contractility and contraction frequency to strengthen and increase cardiac output of blood to transport. Bigger exercise exercise, cardiac output blood volume does not meet the body needs oxygen to the body's anaerobic metabolism in hypoxic state. Anaerobic exercise is not to use fat as the main energy release, but mainly by decomposition of the body as glycogen stored energy release. Result in hypoxia, the fat not only can not be used, but also produce a number of incomplete oxidation of acidic substances, such as ketones, lower body exercise endurance. After a short high-intensity exercise, blood glucose levels will reduce, reduce blood sugar is an important factor causing hunger, appetite, then people tend to Barghouti, which is extremely detrimental to weight loss.

Short campaign

During aerobic exercise, the first use of the glycogen stored in the body to release energy; in the exercise for 30 minutes, they start to release energy from the glycogen converted to fat and release energy; about 1 hour exercise, exercise the necessary to fat for energy it can be based. Such as the now common hop aerobics body weight, and duration of only about 1 hour or so. In other words, the fat just starts to break down, people stop the campaign, the weight loss of natural self-evident.

Quick explosive movement

Human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, can be divided into two categories: white and red muscle fiber muscle fiber. In the exercise, such as quick explosive exercises, to be trained in the white muscle fiber, white muscle fiber cross-sectional thick, so thick muscle easily developed. Lose weight using this method will become stronger, "rough."

In short, to achieve the purpose of body weight, heart rate should be done at 120-160 times per minute lower in intensity, long time (more than 1 hour) aerobic endurance body movement. For example: aerobics, slow distance running, long distance swimming.

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