Friday, July 9, 2010

Step 8 S-type body weight exercise trained

Sitting in the office is not slowly flesh? Now to tell you a simple exercise to lose weight. Easy to have a good body Oh!

Long an office, back and shoulder fatigue. This Day parade to eliminate fatigue, improve efficiency and reduce excess fat in different parts, to maintain physical beauty.

(1) ready position: sitting in a chair, elbow flexion, forearm Stretch side, legs close together, two toes point, the visual front.

(2), chest, hands heart up, then bring the left hip, left arm, left elbow touch up hip, upper body and head slightly to the left.

(3) with 1,2-section, change the right to do.

(4) sit on the edge of the chair straight, toe point, the visual front. Lateral arms hanging up, the two hands on edge of the chair. Straight back, head and try to back, hard chest.

(5) back close to the back, bow, body relaxed.

(6) sitting on a chair, hand on the edge of the chair, knees, raised his legs to maintain balance, number 4 number.

(7) slowly stood up, the body slightly forward, his hands rubbing his forehead.

(8) arms straight holding, visual fingertips, chest, abdomen.

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