Friday, July 9, 2010

Beware of water intoxication Summer Weight Loss!

Water is also toxic, and will even take away a person's life? Do not think this is sensational, Ms. Shen hands have a medical certificate, be clearly above the words "water intoxication."

30-year-old Miss Bai Lingchen at home on a treadmill, lying on the table within reach of plain water. Run for 20 minutes, she has sat on the sofa to rest went to get a drink from a cup on the table can seem to lose control of limbs, joints and the body feels numb.

Beijing Jishuitan Hospital of Nephrology, Chief Physician Ding Zhimin, Ms. Shen is an acute symptom, early in patients with headache, nausea, vomiting, limb weakness or muscle soreness. If conditions worsen, there will be brain edema, leading to increased intracranial pressure, so that patients with neurological symptoms. Severe cerebral edema may cause death. Ms. Shen was the case shows that it is urgent.

Blame is to lose weight

Ms. Shen had water intoxication is a reason. Ms. Shen normal stature to care about, usually maintained at around 110 kg, over a four-jin during the Spring Festival, since then, losing weight becomes the theme of Ms. Shen. A friend introduced her prescriptions, six days eat only apples to drink clean water, with physical exercise. In this way, she has reduced to 110 kg two days, the fourth day began to vomit, the sixth day the body a little weak, but she still care. Until the seventh day when the disease, Ms. Shen after exercise sweating, trembling end.

Medical analysis, she has a lot a lot of sweat after exercise, sweat contains many plasma components, add do not have any ion content of the boiled water. Salt lost with sweat, while the osmotic pressure changes because of water into the cells, there has been some of the clinical symptoms of cerebral edema, or even life-threatening.

How self-help water intoxication

Patients on the light, to reduce the patient in a short period of time the water intake, can alleviate the symptoms. Must be taken to hospital critically ill patients. Be careful not to give patients water. Placed in a glass of clean water for one to two grams of salt to the patient to drink. Water intoxication in patients with different symptoms occur, the patient flat, to avoid the onset of symptoms can be caused by accident, while the patient's treatment also provides a more suitable position.

Experts suggest the summer campaign note added salt

Water poisoning mostly occurs in summer, travel, and hiking is a high risk group of people. Prevention is to minimize the sweat excretion, if you have a lot of sweat and salt must be added. Adult daily volume of 1500 ml of drinking water around, paper cups about 5 to 8 cups. Overtime pay should pay attention not to the summer thirst-based, it should be a small amount of water many times, each time from 50 to 100 ml. Best to cultivate the habit of regular drinking water. In addition, summer water not too cold, the temperature should be above 5. Otherwise the changes may cause gastrointestinal side, while causing cardiovascular complications.

Three kinds of negative campaign to lose weight

In a variety of weight loss difficult to distinguish the authenticity of today, more and more people also believe that a balanced diet, coupled with appropriate exercise, is the science, a good way to lose weight effectively.

However, recently some experts have noted that not all of the weight loss exercise help, inappropriate movement may instead make you "weight." Experts have listed three kinds of movement is not conducive to weight loss:

Large amount of exercise movement

If the amount of exercise increased, the human body needs oxygen and nutrients and metabolic products also increase, which depends on cardiac contractility and contraction frequency to strengthen and increase cardiac output of blood to transport. Bigger exercise exercise, cardiac output blood volume does not meet the body needs oxygen to the body's anaerobic metabolism in hypoxic state. Anaerobic exercise is not to use fat as the main energy release, but mainly by decomposition of the body as glycogen stored energy release. Result in hypoxia, the fat not only can not be used, but also produce a number of incomplete oxidation of acidic substances, such as ketones, lower body exercise endurance. After a short high-intensity exercise, blood glucose levels will reduce, reduce blood sugar is an important factor causing hunger, appetite, then people tend to Barghouti, which is extremely detrimental to weight loss.

Short campaign

During aerobic exercise, the first use of the glycogen stored in the body to release energy; in the exercise for 30 minutes, they start to release energy from the glycogen converted to fat and release energy; about 1 hour exercise, exercise the necessary to fat for energy it can be based. Such as the now common hop aerobics body weight, and duration of only about 1 hour or so. In other words, the fat just starts to break down, people stop the campaign, the weight loss of natural self-evident.

Quick explosive movement

Human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, can be divided into two categories: white and red muscle fiber muscle fiber. In the exercise, such as quick explosive exercises, to be trained in the white muscle fiber, white muscle fiber cross-sectional thick, so thick muscle easily developed. Lose weight using this method will become stronger, "rough."

In short, to achieve the purpose of body weight, heart rate should be done at 120-160 times per minute lower in intensity, long time (more than 1 hour) aerobic endurance body movement. For example: aerobics, slow distance running, long distance swimming.

7 days a lean 14 pounds off food diet experience

Weight loss women seem to have one thing in common, that is healthy and wants to lose weight fast. At present, the guest Hunan TV, "Encyclopedia said," founder of the overall natural medicine therapies - Lin Hai, a teacher at the program as we introduced the fasting detoxification diet, the effect of his own experience: 7 days 14 kg weight loss. It is not very attractive? Xiao Bian of this article a more detailed description of how to break the food detoxification diet, So, along with Lin experience it together!

Summer is the best time to lose weight, lose weight before the first body we have to exclude unwanted toxins out of this weight loss multiplier.

Toxins remain in the body, will bring constipation, bloating, irritability, insomnia, hair loss. Detoxification to treating the symptoms and patterns of life, a healthy diet, regular exercise and even mood. Multi-pronged approach to the "poisonous" extract a, to be a no "poison" thin beauty. We all know that too much toxin is the cause we are the root causes of obesity, we must do to lose weight toxins, the toxins from the body, we can better weight-loss success.

Here is Jan Lamb Fresh off teachers detoxification diet, detoxification through fasting and thus achieve the purpose of weight loss, the health and safe weight loss methods.

First, what is fasting detoxification diet

In fact, fasting is not equivalent to a hunger strike, which has positive and significant. Fresh off to our body, mind, and spirit in a healthy new life itself. Is an active body adjustment program, run by finishing the rhythm of the body, the body automatically restore the balance, and very smart health tips. Natural therapies in the overall system of thought, detoxification is a unique system, especially the off food detoxification.

Our body has two opposite functions, digestion enhancement, the excretory function is weakened, and vice versa is. Fresh off when the body consumes the most inferior materials, such as dead cells, tumors, damaged tissue and fat deposits, a phenomenon equivalent to "burn garbage", it is important tissues and organs are spared, but because the digestion stopped, excretion function greatly increased, and a large number of metabolic wastes and toxins side were quickly ruled out.

Facts have proved that the human body as long as the toxins removed, be balanced in nutrients, will conduct a thorough self-repair.

Many people have probably tried all the diets, but still fail to reduce your weight down. In other words, do you lose weight by starvation, which makes their nonsense like crazy and the same movement every day to your heart almost exploded. However, as long as you stop, you lose (even more) as fat will immediately rebound as retaliation to your hips and abdomen.

Fasting detoxification diet effect estimates

Lin said the health of fasting scientific methods of detoxification to lose weight, he hands-off, 7 days detox lose weight 14 kg, six months without a rebound, while enabling the body to rule out a large number of toxins, the body feels very comfortable, the skin glossy.

Body metabolism in strict accordance with this method is better, as you can with Lin 7 days 14 kg weight loss, slow metabolism were estimated 2-3 weeks to achieve results.

This scheme of Fangxiang, findings of which confirmed Sure, but each Ren's physically, 生物 setup of the Buxiang Tong, Tongyang of obtained of Jianfeixiaoguo Yehuiyousuo Chaiyi. Try to lose weight no matter what method, generally have a week to see significant results. Week did not see tangible results of MM, hope more for several days, in the second week and you might be pleasantly surprised. This method is Lin personally experienced, and certainly effective oh.

Second, fasting detox weight loss process:

1, fresh off of early: according to each person can be divided into 3-10 days in duration, this period can not eat anything, usually by drinking fruit juice and sparse acid toxicity in vivo, enhanced excretory functions, so a lot of toxins from In vitro, excess fat consumption. Fresh off the body due to lack of essential nutrients to replenish the human body, when added to proper nutrition.

Recommended fruit and vegetable juices:

Hello color to mango orange juice apple juice ─ ─

This Road juice is the juice I strongly recommend the skin beauty, taste really good too! Xiang Xiang thick, the smell of mango already strong analogy, coupled with fresh oranges and apples, reconciliation of smell is sweet but not greasy, will drink a cup second cup of juice left in between the cheek teeth The aroma will make people feel happy to drink fruit juice is a matters not how, trust me, drink a guarantee that you will love it oh

Strengthen the immunity of fresh pineapple, kiwi fruit juice apple juice ─ ─

Hobbies sweet and sour taste, and this Road to the confluence of fruit juice to make your taste, but in the summer without Sha appetite, but also appetizers help digestion. Weekend hobby when I drink it Tao Hou juice, that is the body of a large body to eliminate, as containing fiber, so each drink, they can quickly defecation, body will feel very light.

Detox Cleanse ─ ─ tomato apple juice Korea

Do not think added cabbage, vegetable juice would be strange odor Oh! Korea it is very sweet juice, and taste will not Sese, the cabbage is very nutritious, containing vitamins A, C, E and mineral materials, is very effective for enhancing metabolic, want to have supple skin and slim good body, drink plenty of purified thin juice go wrong.

2, fresh off the medium-term: After the early efforts, has seen some results, and the medium-term fasting is a critical period, this period can be divided into 2-5 days. Fresh off the end of this time can not immediately eat, to eat through the flow, semi-liquid food, solid food, all three processes to repair body tissue and cells in the fasting phase of the inactive state, the body gradually becomes normal state.

Recommended fluids food:

Semi-liquid diet: cellulose content of less nutritious food. Food have porridge, noodles, steamed eggs, bean curd, spit leaves, mince, chicken, shrimp and so on.

Liquid diet: liquid diet for the liquid food. Foods are rice soup, milk, milk, thin arrowroot flour, fruit juices, vegetable juices, juices and so on.

3, fresh off recovery: the victory in front, and sisters we must hold on Oh! This period is also divided into 2-5 days, and to the recovery stage, when a number of new human tissue, should pay attention to diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, plus the right amount of nutritional supplement food, really improve and strengthen the body cellular environment.

Recommended vegetables, fruits:

Grape, apple, cucumber, tomatoes, pears, green leaf vegetables also can be, mainly because these sugars are low, sweet fruit is not.

Of course, many will find MM to eat the fruit too much trouble, in fact, we can use the mixer to mix these fruits before eating, it is more abundant nutrition. Lin said in the program, and grapes Otherwise spit grape skin, grape seed, because the nutrition of them more rich! But these two baby, we would not normally eat, then if the grape drink mix in blender, so it will even more convenient, but also to add that we usually can not add nutrients.

Third, break the six benefits of eating detox diet

1, fasting can give your system a rest and the body weight the strength of the opportunity, so after eating in the break can work more efficiently, reduce diseases of these organs and glands back to normal and can help balance the secretion.

2, fasting can improve the adhesion of organs and tissues in the body so within the decomposition and elimination of toxic waste, so clean the whole body, so that it can work with maximum efficiency, and prevent disease through the material without burning and discharge, can not clear the body the natural growth of things. Fresh off a lot of people cured by hemorrhoids, lumps, stones and other objects are not natural growth.

3, fresh off the whole body is full of vitality and renewal of all cells, tissues and blood vessels, reduce the aging process and increase life expectancy.

4, fresh off the skin look younger and more beautiful.

Pimples, acne and other skin diseases can all be eliminated, and the skin becomes clean and rosy. Eyes became clear, bright. Hypertension, fever, headache, migraine, insomnia, constipation, inflammation, nervousness, muscle aches have remarkable results.

5, fasting help to stop smoking and drinking desires. Excessive eating so nervous, and then to nationals alcohol to relax, fasting can relax anxious nerves and remove them.

6, burning off excess fat food, so that overweight people lose weight. Fresh off to clear the digestive system as creating a normal, healthy appetite, so that is not normal to stop compulsive overeating, eating too much a regular person so that his stomach is not done naturally, it needs more food to fill it. Fresh off to expand the size of the stomach back to normal, so natural and not harmful bulimia disappeared, thus avoiding obesity.


Rice, noodles should not eat more than:

Rice, pasta too long, is the modern Chinese poison diet is the key to produce all kinds of modern diseases. In fact, Chinese food, nothing too difficult, only rice, flour, sugar and easy to overdose, and most people are too far off the mark. Every day we need 50 grams of carbohydrates, however, be provided by the vegetables and fruits have been enough. And most of the day, the excess of the 10 to 20 times.

Two ways to avoid rebound

1, balanced diet is the best way to take into account the number of bowl

Fresh off at the end of the new law, you must be careful not to eat a lot, need to control intake, but also to maintain balanced nutrition.

Although the case, but to fully take into account the protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients in a balanced intake, many people tend to start up a loss. Therefore, we recommend in this way is not considered nutrients, but the bowl of measurement. Tried to imagine the number of packages in the bowl. In each package in a total of 5 bowls. Qi put all the bowls, steps and balanced nutrition for the best.

2, at the same time every day body weight and body fat measurement rate

Witnessed changes in their bodies, which in the weight-loss process is a very important part. Although changes in body weight per day did not want to be obsessed with numbers, but for itself, by objective data, measuring body weight and body fat rate, consider a certain stage of their body weight because it is very necessary. Every day, a habit at the same time measurement, and can try out the chart. Through charts and data to analyze the individual's weight loss process, master the changes of each stage, it is very necessary means, but also more reasonable.

Step 8 S-type body weight exercise trained

Sitting in the office is not slowly flesh? Now to tell you a simple exercise to lose weight. Easy to have a good body Oh!

Long an office, back and shoulder fatigue. This Day parade to eliminate fatigue, improve efficiency and reduce excess fat in different parts, to maintain physical beauty.

(1) ready position: sitting in a chair, elbow flexion, forearm Stretch side, legs close together, two toes point, the visual front.

(2), chest, hands heart up, then bring the left hip, left arm, left elbow touch up hip, upper body and head slightly to the left.

(3) with 1,2-section, change the right to do.

(4) sit on the edge of the chair straight, toe point, the visual front. Lateral arms hanging up, the two hands on edge of the chair. Straight back, head and try to back, hard chest.

(5) back close to the back, bow, body relaxed.

(6) sitting on a chair, hand on the edge of the chair, knees, raised his legs to maintain balance, number 4 number.

(7) slowly stood up, the body slightly forward, his hands rubbing his forehead.

(8) arms straight holding, visual fingertips, chest, abdomen.