Friday, July 9, 2010

Beware of water intoxication Summer Weight Loss!

Water is also toxic, and will even take away a person's life? Do not think this is sensational, Ms. Shen hands have a medical certificate, be clearly above the words "water intoxication."

30-year-old Miss Bai Lingchen at home on a treadmill, lying on the table within reach of plain water. Run for 20 minutes, she has sat on the sofa to rest went to get a drink from a cup on the table can seem to lose control of limbs, joints and the body feels numb.

Beijing Jishuitan Hospital of Nephrology, Chief Physician Ding Zhimin, Ms. Shen is an acute symptom, early in patients with headache, nausea, vomiting, limb weakness or muscle soreness. If conditions worsen, there will be brain edema, leading to increased intracranial pressure, so that patients with neurological symptoms. Severe cerebral edema may cause death. Ms. Shen was the case shows that it is urgent.

Blame is to lose weight

Ms. Shen had water intoxication is a reason. Ms. Shen normal stature to care about, usually maintained at around 110 kg, over a four-jin during the Spring Festival, since then, losing weight becomes the theme of Ms. Shen. A friend introduced her prescriptions, six days eat only apples to drink clean water, with physical exercise. In this way, she has reduced to 110 kg two days, the fourth day began to vomit, the sixth day the body a little weak, but she still care. Until the seventh day when the disease, Ms. Shen after exercise sweating, trembling end.

Medical analysis, she has a lot a lot of sweat after exercise, sweat contains many plasma components, add do not have any ion content of the boiled water. Salt lost with sweat, while the osmotic pressure changes because of water into the cells, there has been some of the clinical symptoms of cerebral edema, or even life-threatening.

How self-help water intoxication

Patients on the light, to reduce the patient in a short period of time the water intake, can alleviate the symptoms. Must be taken to hospital critically ill patients. Be careful not to give patients water. Placed in a glass of clean water for one to two grams of salt to the patient to drink. Water intoxication in patients with different symptoms occur, the patient flat, to avoid the onset of symptoms can be caused by accident, while the patient's treatment also provides a more suitable position.

Experts suggest the summer campaign note added salt

Water poisoning mostly occurs in summer, travel, and hiking is a high risk group of people. Prevention is to minimize the sweat excretion, if you have a lot of sweat and salt must be added. Adult daily volume of 1500 ml of drinking water around, paper cups about 5 to 8 cups. Overtime pay should pay attention not to the summer thirst-based, it should be a small amount of water many times, each time from 50 to 100 ml. Best to cultivate the habit of regular drinking water. In addition, summer water not too cold, the temperature should be above 5. Otherwise the changes may cause gastrointestinal side, while causing cardiovascular complications.

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